How it Works

  • To access the portal you need to Register. Registration is quick and easy. Just Click on the Register Link on the home page or Click Here. Input your email address and password.
    When Ever you come back to the portal, You do not need to register again. Just input the email address and the password you registered with.
  • After you register, you will be required to activate your account by clicking on the Link sent to your email address.
  • On Successful Activation, you will be taken to where you are to fill in your personal details and upload your photograph. This part is very important because this is where your personal details will be pulled from anytime you are registering for an examination.
  • To Register for an exam, Click on the Exam Registration link. Select the Examination you want to register for from the list shown. Please note that the list shown are for the examination you can register for at that point in time.
  • Select Faculty/Department. Select Payment Method and Click Next
  • If you choose InterSwitch as the Payment Option, You will be taken to a confirmation page. On the page you will see a summary of the Exam you are Registering for and the Amount to be paid. Please note the transaction Reference as this is what uniquely identifies each transaction.
  • If you are okay okay with the summary, Click the Button to Continue to Interswitch. Please be patient for the InterSwitch Platform to load as it may take some time.
  • Once it loads, Follow the Instruction there and complete your payment. Please note that once you click Pay InterSwitch website, The details you inputed will no longer be visible. Nothing to fear. Its a Security measure. Once your transaction is completed, You will be redirected back to the portal.
  • If your transaction was successful, you will be automatically redirected to the form for the examination you paid for.